Victor found his passion in GLS sales

Victor started as a Sales Intern at GLS in 2020, as a part of his EUX-education. After two years filled to the brim with personal growth and professional sparring, he had both an education and a full time position as an Internal Salesman at GLS.

When Victors started looking for an internship, his motivation was the human interaction. That's why he knew, that he wanted to work in sales and with customer contact. Then came the consideration about what type of business he wanted to work at. It had to be a booming busines, so he could take part of the growth, and grow along side of it. The choice was simple: It had to be within the shipping industry, and it had to be GLS - To great enjoyment to us.

Victor - Former Internal Salesman at GLS

A variety of touchpoints became the breeding ground for learning

The first thing Victor had to go through, was the onboarding process, which took him on a tour of the entire company.

"During my first couple of days, I was out driving with a GLS-driver, I visited one of our depots and i joined our ParcelShop consultant on his daily visits to our ParcelShops. This gave me incredible insights into how the company was structured, and prepared me to handle my new roll.

As an Intern at GLS, you get to try out different departments. Victor started his Internship at Customer Services, where he helped everyone from Average Joe to key accounts. After his stay at Customer Services, he moved to Internal Sales.

"As soon as you get on the phone with potential new customers, you understand why the stay at Customer Services was so important. You get so much knowledge, that you can answer almost every question imaginable."

During his internship, Victor experienced a smooth start up, where he got time to learn the systems, before he got the responsibility of his own customers. Victor tried everything from calculating prices, reacquiring customers, renegotiations, following up on leads, outreach sales and customer care. Especially the latter played a big roll in Victors work as an Internal Salesman.

"I have learned how important relational sales are. At GLS we focus on the person on the other end of the phone. What matters is, that we need to have extremely good knowledge about the customer, their results and their personality. What matters to them, matters to us."

A common project:

As part of his education, Victor had to spend a couple of weeks at school. But being in school doesn't equare to not being connected to your colleagues and managers at GLS.

"I could feel the support from GLS during the entire education. We had pre-school meetings, where I was briefed about what I could expect from being in school, and I knew, that I could always contact my colleagues, if I had questions."

When he came back from school, theory had to be tried out in real life. Managers as well as colleagues were interested in what he had learned, and helped him make the theory relateable to his daily work tasks. So even though Victor was the only intern in his department, he always had the opportunity to spar.

"Part of the GLS buddy program and student network means that I had an intern from another department as well as former interns to support me and exchange experiences with."

From intern to permanent position

During the two years as an intern at GLS, Victor experienced a structed internship focussing on creating the best possibilities for him to grow personally and profesionally. The support of good colleagues, the big responsibility allowed him to grow along side of GLS.

"You join, young and unexperienced, and suddenly, you are ready to take the next step. Allowing me to continue at GLS, shows me, that their interest in my development is sincere and that they are ready to give me new challenges."

When asked about why you should become an intern at GLS, Victor emphasizes the culture.

"The culture at GLS is quite unique. It's an experience on its own. This is true for the onboarding process, the teachings and the development you go through. And of course, it doesn't hurt to have great colleagues who support you on your journey", Victor says.

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