At GLS we focus on development and learning. It is a crucial factor for creating value for our customers. With GLS Academy, we provide you with new competences anAs an employee of GLS Denmark, you can be sure that your well-being is taken care of.

In our annual well-being survey, we encourage our colleagues across all functions to share what it's like to work with us. This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to be heard - anonymously. This is how we can continue to develop our workplace into a place where you and your colleagues enjoy working.

In our latest job satisfaction survey, we scored 78 out of 100 in job satisfaction.
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Performance appraisals

Every year, your manager will invite you to a strengths-based appraisal aimed at strengthening your skills development and job satisfaction.

To support the conversation between you and your manager in the best possible way, we at GLS have created six topics on which your strengths-based interview is based:

Goals and results

Cooperation and relationships

Motivation and well-being

Planning and efficiency

Leadership and management