It is important to us that you as a new employee get off to a good start at GLS. During the onboarding period, we give you a thorough insight into the company and we make sure that tasks and responsibilities are clearly formulated. You can also rest assured that your new colleagues can't wait to meet you, and that all our departments are practically queuing up to welcome you.

Look forward to two exciting learning days fully focused on business and working with your new colleagues.

Rikke Gosmand, HR Advisor

As part of the onboarding program, you will get a unique experience when you are invited to our Learning Days. Two days with full focus on the business and our common language; red, yellow, green, blue aka Insights Discovery. Here you can look forward to meeting the Executive Board, all the other new GLS employees and not least to participate in a one-day workshop facilitated by HR, where we work actively with our different personal profiles. The learning days are with accommodation in Kolding.

It is important for us that you also experience everyday life in some of the departments you do not work in on a daily basis. During your first period, we will therefore make sure that you get close to our customers, for example, when you are 'listening' in Customer Service. You'll also get to try out what it's like to sort parcels, and when you go on a trip with a driver, you'll also get to deliver them yourself.

We often tailor an onboarding program to suit the individual's function, so that you as a new employee are well prepared for the job in question. We also have a buddy scheme for our trainees, among others.

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