Unfold your potential

We focus on strategic competence development that supports your development

At GLS, we have a well-developed learning culture, which means that we are a workplace where you are guaranteed to develop both personally and professionally.

Our Learning & Development department works to support your development already during your onboarding. During your employment, we offer a broad academy that supports our culture and gives us a common language, as well as specialized training for individuals and different business units.

Whether you are a salaried or hourly paid employee, we have relevant training and development opportunities for you.


GLS Academy

The GLS Academy offers courses for all GLS salaried employees. Through GLS Academy, there is the opportunity for a professional competence boost within change management as well as courses within our focus on e.g. emotional intelligence, communication and collaboration.

We also have a management track where we support our managers with training in relation to the HR annual wheel and management in general. Read more about leadership in GLS here.

The courses are physical and online learning programs in areas that support our strategy. We also have a strong focus on ensuring that the knowledge acquired is put into practice in everyday life. We know that it takes effort to translate knowledge from courses into new actions. We support your learning to make it as easy as possible to implement in your work.


Specialist education

As part of our strengths-based appraisal interviews, our managers talk to their staff at least once a year about different opportunities for personal and professional development. It is important for both the individual and the department that the individual has the desire and prioritizes the acquisition of specific knowledge and training.

We are a dynamic company that knows how important it is to strengthen new skills. Each department offers customized courses in areas such as sales, communication, business-driven HR and cultural awareness that support the individual's professional development.

At GLS, we equip you with new skills and tools that make your everyday life easier and allow you to realize your potential.