The recruitment proces



In your resumé, we are curious to know why you have chosen to apply for a job with us. Describe your motivation, your skills and relevant experience that makes us the right match. At GLS, we employ the whole person.

We review all applications and assess your profile based on your competencies and areas of interest. You will always get a response from us, regardless of the outcome.


First interview

You have caught our interest and now we are eager to meet you. We will invite you to a first interview, which can take place either in person or online. Here you will meet your manager and possibly a future colleague for the first time. During the interview, you will get to know each other better by discussing who we are, your skills, experience, what is important to you, and not least your motivation for the job - preferably with concrete examples from your previous experience.

Prepare some questions for us to make sure you don't leave the interview unanswered - these can be questions about GLS, the position, your colleagues and your manager.


Second interview

You have made a good impression and we will invite you for a second interview. Before the interview, we will ask you to complete a personal profile and in some cases you will have to prepare a case exercise. The interview always takes place in person with your future manager and an HR representative who will give you feedback on your personal profile. You will of course have the opportunity to comment on the results. Together you will discuss your professional and personal competences, your values and your personal profile on an individual level and in relation to others.

For the second interview, we always ask for your criminal record and references.


Response from interviews

It is with great respect for the candidates that we invite you to an interview. We know how much time and thought you have put into the process. That's why you will always receive a personal response as soon as possible.

If we are the right match, you will be part of a workplace characterized by trust, empowerment and development.

If we are unable to offer you the position, you will have the opportunity to receive constructive feedback that you can use in your further search.

If we offer you a job at GLS, your contract and other relevant material will be sent digitally and you can sign it with your NemID.

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