Management is about taking leadership. We support and empower our leaders in a dedicated leadership track in our Academy

Mette Wienberg, HR Manager

Management in GLS is generally about setting direction in a changing everyday life and creating the best framework for our employees to thrive and achieve the best results together.
We have a special focus on 3 things:




The more curious we are, the more committed we are to the job. As a manager at GLS, you are obliged to be open to the opinions and ideas of others. And as an employee at GLS, you are thus involved in shaping and developing your everyday life.

In our latest job satisfaction survey, we scored 87 out of 100 in management.

We are all motivated by having influence on our own tasks, and our managers show trust, delegate responsibility and work for an open and safe environment.

All of GLS is driven by decency, and our managers are focused on creating a sustainable working life for each employee. All managers in the organization have a view of humanity that embraces diversity, and they value the role as a sparring partner for the development of others. One of our approaches is strength-based management, where the basic idea is that people and teams develop most where they are already strong, and therefore our managers have a special focus on when you feel strongest, happiest and perform best. See e.g. our strength-based conversations here.

GLS is a workplace where psychological safety is paramount and where there is room for all parties to learn from their mistakes and play with open cards.