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We know that our people are key to our success, so we have an obligation to look after each other. We do this by taking care of our colleagues' physical and mental health. With good health schemes and a workplace where there is room to be you, we do everything we can to create an everyday life where you look forward to going to work.

We see you as a whole person and know how important it is to have a healthy work-life balance.

Mette Wienberg, HR Manager

Flexibility in everyday life is a given, and working from home can be arranged where tasks and teamwork allow.

But mental health depends on so much more than flexibility. When shaping a high well-being workplace, we look at all parameters: leadership, colleagues, empowerment, development, motivation and more. Once a year, we measure job satisfaction in our well-being survey and use the results to improve your workplace.

We also take care of your physical health

As an employee of GLS Denmark, you will therefore have access to an attractive health package.

On a day-to-day basis, we have dedicated teams at all our locations that work hard to prevent occupational injuries that can arise from sedentary and physically demanding work. We run regular campaigns with additional focus on occupational health and safety. In the same way, we also work on road safety and driver behavior so that we can deliver our parcels safely.

Because our goal is simple: one accident at work is one too many.

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