Meet your mentor

We have asked our mentors why they have taken on the role and what it is like to be a student under their wing.

As a student, you are crucial to us continuing to develop. Our students' energetic and curious approach calls into question things that we have not necessarily considered ourselves. At GLS, students simply help us develop in all departments.


Nikolaj - IT

Nikolaj is responsible for our application landscape and support function, which ensures that our employees at our Danish locations can perform their work smoothly

"I love working with people and seeing them develop, but I also learn a lot from meeting so many different people. That's why I find it really exciting to work with students and teach them about 'best in class' service, so they are well equipped for their future careers."


Morten - Spedition

Morten started as a forwarding apprentice at GLS in 2003. Today he works in Global Solution, where he connects people across national borders.

“When I see that the community is thriving, it all makes sense to me.

We try to give students as realistic an everyday life as possible. They become part of our shift plan with their own areas of responsibility and are included as a regular full-time employee with help from colleagues.”


Heidi - Salg

Heidi started her career at GLS as an Internal Salesperson in 2010. Since 2016, she has been responsible for Sales Backup and Aftersales.

"Our students have given us some aha experiences over the years. Being a mentor is challenging and fun. I love the diversity of our student body.


Mette - Customer Service

For more than two decades, Mette has helped small and large customers in our Customer Service.

"It's great to be a mentor because it's exciting to hear what the young people have to offer. I love helping to send them on their way and teaching them what world-class customer service is.

The tasks for our students are largely the same as the rest of us. They will tinker with the whole thing and have their fingers fully immersed in the tasks. A lot happens and they are not spared - they do so well!”


Susanne - Export

Susanne was one of the founders of the export department at GLS. Back then they were 2 employees - today she has over 40 colleagues in the department.

"Together, we have so many skills that we are looking forward to passing on. Our students get an exciting and versatile everyday life - and all the responsibility they want. Of course, we are always ready to provide support so that the students are well prepared for a future career."


Gitte - Finance

Gitte has been with GLS since the company was founded, and now she is responsible for our accounts debit department.

"I love to see the young people grow and get a lot of eye opening experiences. I'm proud to be part of giving our students the first and best push in their long working life, and I enjoy the good interaction between student and mentor."


Sebastian - Sales

We have had the pleasure of Sebastian since 2016, when he started as a business student. Today he sits in Aftersales and assists our Key Account Managers.

“I am a mentor because it is great to learn from me. I love following the students' development from the first day they start until they stand with a diploma in hand two years later.

As a business student, you get the same responsibility as your colleagues in sales under expert guidance. Our students thus become a direct contact for.”


Rikke - HR

In 2022, Rikke became part of GLS. She sits in our HR department, where she helps to recruit our students, make sure they get on board well and get a good sense of unity through GLS's student network.

“I love being a mentor! I get to help some young people who are starting their first real job. They not only have to find out how to carry out their work tasks, but also to behave in a workplace and learn to believe in themselves. And that is what I am passionate about.”


Hans Henrik - Spedition

In 2009, Hans Henrik replaced the driver's seat with an office chair in GLS Express, where he works as a forwarder in a fast-paced everyday life.

“I love working with young people. It is very special when you can see that they use what you have taught them, and even develop it into new knowledge.”