Head Office

At our head office, you'll find all of us who love numbers, communication and people. We spread the word about GLS Denmark, nurture our customer relationships and make sure we have a sustainable business so we can continue to deliver great parcel experiences in the future.



Our sales department work across all of Denmark. Our salespeople are responsible for communicating our solutions to customers. At the same time, they handle everything from sales strategy to customer care - of course with the same service regardless of the size of the customer. The good customer relationship is essential to our organization, and with a strong sales team, we get 360 degrees around the customer's needs, so we can deliver the best parcel experiences in the industry.


Customer service

Our customers aren't just another number in the queue. We want them to feel how we really like talking to them. We want to provide the best customer service in the industry - and we want our customers to feel safe and comfortable every time they interact with us. We know how much emotion can be packed into even a tiny package. Therefore, customer service employees at GLS are not measured by how quickly they resolve an inquiry, but how satisfied our customers are with our service. Because if it's important to the customer, it's important to us.



Marketing works every day to unfold and strengthen the GLS brand so that we maintain our high level of awareness and highlight our position as Denmark's best-rated parcel distributor. They work across the entire organization with everything from store design to large campaigns and digital experiences that create dialogue with our recipients and senders.



Our finance department keeps a close eye on our entire business, providing key insights into GLS' performance and advising our decision-makers. The team consists of Controllers and Accountants who add value to the business at an operational and strategic level. It's also thanks to them that we get paid - and with more than 1,200 employees, there's plenty to keep track of.



HR is part of the entire employee journey. From attraction, recruitment and onboarding to talent management, retention and offboarding. Our HR department recruits top talent in all our business areas and creates the best conditions for us to thrive when we go to work. When our colleagues need further training, Learning & Development tailors courses and trainings to support their and the business' continued development.


Corporate development

In an ever-changing and multi-stakeholder world, Corporate Development is constantly working to evolve and fulfill our responsibilities to keep Denmark connected and fulfill our responsibility for critical infrastructure. We are involved politically, regionally and locally to follow developments, trends and tendencies. This is how we can offer the best parcel distribution in the country. In Corporate Development, they also work daily with the green transition, which is the foundation for our future presence.


Quality and training

GLS has a well-developed learning culture and a large part of our Operations training and education is done via E-learning. We have staff trained in Information Science, IT & Interaction Design and much more.



At GLS, we handle very large values, and therefore we naturally have security under control. Our security department operates and maintains our security systems both at our hub in Kolding and at the depots.

Technical interest, experience with various IT tools and not least a high level of service characterize our Security System technicians, who come from many different backgrounds.


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