Our culture

We create purpose and are part of something bigger

We bear a task that is crucial for our society, by creating meaningful connections to and between people. We are the nerve in the infrastrcture that connects companies and people. Our job has, and makes, meaning.

We lead and develop ourselves and each other

We are motivated of, and get better by, leading and challenging ourselves and each other. We redeem our potential together. We take responsibility and gain trust. We think in new ways and adjust. We are all part of making an impact and develop our common culture.

We help each other in the whole work life.

At GLS, there is room for anyone who can and will. We believe in the whole person and a sustainable work life in balance. We help each other get started, get through and move on to the next step in our career. We make each other better.

We challenge ourselves to become better

We are ambitious. We constantly strive at getting better. We are motivated by creating even more value to our customers, partners and ourselves. We deliver high quality and think sustainability into all aspects of what we do.