Sharing knowledge

We make each other great

We exercize a culture of feedback. That means constructive feedback on a regular basis from both colleagues and leaders, to make you even sharper than the day before. We use a wide range of tools, that give you a bigger insight, not only into who you are, but also who your colleagues are, so we lift each others competences and motivation.

We use each others competencies across locations

GLS has more aspects than you might think - and no employee can be an expert in everything. At GLS we use each others competences proactively, so we always have the latest and greatest knowledge. An advantage to each other, our customers and our partners.

We create bonds

No matter if it is at lunch in the cafeteria, at the sorters or behind the desk, we ensure that we have a great time. Great relations are an important part of our effort to create a meaningful working environment, where you are always excited for a new day.